• Jet Lag


    What is it?

  • Jet Lag Syndrome


    It’s the result of a disturbance in our biological clock. It results from the abrupt change of environment caused by a fast plane trip through at least three time zones.

    As our biological clock readjusts, there is a desynchronization between the internal rhythms and the external environment called jet lag.


    Almost all of our body’s functions are subject to the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle.

    The synchronization of this sleep-wake cycle is done mainly through light.

    When we quickly cross more than three time zones, our clocks are out of sync because external signals disrupt the synchronization of internal clocks.

  • What to do?


    And When?

    Our body must receive signals at specific times to resynchronize.

    What are these signals? More or less light, temperature, activity, food... All these signals must be received at times that correspond to our chronotype, ie our tendency to be rather morning or evening.

  • Signals


    To expose or not

    Light is the body's major synchronizer.

    Light influences the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that allows us to sleep. For example, exposing yourself to the light at the end of the day delays this secretion and therefore sleep.



    Proteins and carbohydrates

    Protein meals are awakening meals, meals with a lot of carbohydrates will make you want to sleep....

    Choose protein meals for breakfast and lunch at the time of your arrival.

    Physical exercise

    Accompanied by exposure to light

    Physical exercise causes changes in our biological clock. Training in the morning advances the biological clock, training in the evening delays it.

    Think enduring exercise, such as walking, running, cycling or swimming


    Promotes or not sleep

    Naturally, body temperature drops before falling asleep and conversely rises when waking up.

    So, to promote sleep, take a fresh shower and to wake up, prefer a hot bath!

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