• Gowwiz the app to fight jet lag

    Gowwiz, The app to avoid Jet Lag



    A 12 hour jet lag holiday? You sync without stress in 4 days.
    A return from 7 hour jetlag trip? be at the best, 3 days after landing.
    A New York-Paris? Absorbed from the second day.


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  • What is this app?

    A customized program of actions to insert into your day.

    Developed in partnership with the University Hospital and the Sleep Center of Brest (France), Gowwiz is an app that minimizes the effects of jet lag and reduces its duration.

    How it works?

    When a traveler crosses more than 3 time zones quickly, his internal clock is out of sync with his place of arrival, it is the principle of jet lag and this can lead to more or less important disturbances: sleep disorders, digestive disorders, concentration...

    Light is the main synchronizer of this internal clock that follows a circadian cycle (alternating sleep/sleep in 24 hours), but there are other secondary such as diet, physical exercise...

    Thus, by performing actions such as exposure to light, special meals, nap... at specific times of the day, the body will resynchronize itself in a gentle and natural way.

    A new feature:

    Accompany you in taking your medical treatment when you travel.

    Because, in practice, it is not always easy to follow a cardiac treatment, for the thyroid, or quite simply the contraceptive pill when you take long-haul flights! When you cross several time zones, managing the taking of tablets quickly turns into a nightmare.

    The solution ? Gowwiz offers a brand new function: taking medication. Thus, despite the jet lag, each traveler will gradually find themselves at their destination with the right time to take treatment.

  • The brand new app

    The app to fight jetlag


    Just enter your flight.

    The app to fight jetlag, diary


    your program is generated automatically.

    The app to fight jetlag, day


    You just have to let yourself be guided.
  • Testimonials

    Doctor Le Cadet

    Sleep Center expert

    From a medical perspective, we are familiar with the broad concepts of advice to travellers to avoid the signs of jet lag. But to date, there is no program specifying the hours of countermeasures to be applied according to the sleep of each and the journey made.

    The idea was born from a collaboration with Gowwiz and the sleep center to create an algorithm offering, via a mobile application, the measures to avoid this desynchronization.

    Sophie et Roland

    Paris-Polynesia travelers in Sept 2020 - 12 hour jet lag

    We used Gowwiz for our trip to Polynesia, the method is simple and effective, almost no jet lag on arrival and in the direction of return (the most complicated direction for jet lag), Gowwiz coached us well and helped us allowed us to settle down in a few days. We recommend!

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